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Loyalty programs and opportunities to receive different additional promotions are the indicators you have to pay attention to when you choose the bookmaker. It is a strange fact that new users can’t receive a Betss bonus, but this is only at first glance.

We can start from the fact that this is a reliable and proven bookmaker. Betss has been accepting bets for decades. Since 2020, the company has been accepting online sports betting.  You have to sign-up and fund your balance in order to start betting. It will let you receive access to the full functionality.

Earlier, that bookmaker had been famous for horse rides. Now this discipline is one of the most popular among clients. There are presented competitions from all over the world. Apart from that, clients from Sri Lanka are able to do bets on the other popular sports disciplines. For example:

  • football;
  • basketball;
  • tennis;
  • dog track;
  • Formula 1;
  • cricket;
  • rugby.

Everyone can find something of their favorite, demonstrate their own knowledge and convert it into real rewards. There won’t be problems with withdrawal of rewards. Clients from LK can definitely start doing predictions on events they are interested in.

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Can you receive Betss bonus for activity?

Betss promo code

What about a loyalty program? There is no sign up offer for clients. Additionally, there is no sense in looking for a Betss promo code.  When you sign-up, you aren’t able to enter it. There is no field in the form to enter the combination.

In reality it is much easier. You just have to sign-up and fund your deposit in order to receive access to all opportunities of the bookmaker. Yeah, you can’t receive a bonus, but in this regard the company is more honest than its competitors.  Initially, clients aren’t attracted by generous bonuses.

Other brands often offer generous promotions, but in reality it isn’t easy to win it back. Terms and conditions are indicated on the websites of the companies. In order to win the bonus back you have to:

  1. Do bets on certain events. Bookmaker chooses these events. In that way the bookmaker tries to draw attention to the particular discipline.
  2. Do bet on the sum that is higher a few times than the sum of the bonus. This is one of the most popular Betss bonus rules because of it players have to risk big sums of money. Often it leads to an unjustified waste of money.
  3. Do bets on matches with a certain coefficient.

As a result, you can spend more money than you received despite having a bonus, because it is hard to win it back. It is much more honest and transparent on that platform. There isn’t a Betss bonus for signing-up. You just have to create an account, fund your deposit and focus on bets. This is the key to a profitable game.

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Can you enter Betss promo code?

When you create an account, it is impossible to enter a promo code. There is no field for it. On the one hand this is an omission, because new clients can’t count on the additional reward. On the other hand, clients don’t have to spend time to find the Betss promo code.  So, you can sign-up, fund your deposit and start playing.

In general, loyalty programs work in such a way that there are changes in it. Despite the fact that users can’t use promo codes, it doesn’t mean that they won’t appear in the future. You can get information about them in the future on the official website of the bookmaker. Moreover, you can get a professional consultation about the opportunity to use a promo code and features of the game, if you turn to support representatives. You can connect with them via phone number, indicated on the website. Employees of Betss lk are always ready to answer all your questions and solve your problems. Consultations are free.

There are no additional rewards yet, and we can’t say that it is a big omission, but bookmaker offer profitable conditions for betting. So, every player from LK  can focus on predictions and achieve positive results. By the way, there won’t be any problems with withdrawal of money. You just have to go to your personal cabinet, choose the method and enter the sum. After that your request will be processed. If there are no problems, money will be transferred. You can receive it on the bank card too. You just have to remember that the process takes some time.

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Can you count on Betss welcome bonus in the future?

Betss welcome bonus

Earlier the company was focused on the bets in the horse rides. That discipline is still one of the most demanded among the lovers of betting in Sri Lanka.  Despite the Betss welcome bonus being absent, bookmaker compensate for it by creating optimal conditions for bets. Everyone can earn on the rides. This is facilitated by:

  1. The line description. You can bet not only on popular competitions, but also on the tournaments of local level too. Thanks to that, clients from Sri Lanka can regularly bet on their favorite rides.
  2. Existence of the prizes for the most active participants. In that way the company tries to stimulate players to do bets more often and earn with help of their own knowledge.
  3. High-quality life. You can follow a big number of events live. Keep abreast and react to the changes fast. This is a key to receiving a reward, the size of which won’t disappoint you.

Although you can’t enter a Betss promo code, you can demonstrate your knowledge in the particular discipline and get a big win. That makes cooperation with that company not only advantageous, but profitable too.

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Earn on bets instead of Betss deposit bonus

The choice of that company is an optimal decision for everyone, who wants to not just follow competitions, but regularly demonstrate their own knowledge and convert it into new predictions. You just have to sign-up, fund your deposit and towards clients from LK will be opened new opportunities. They are expressed in:

  1. Great coefficients. If there had been a Betss bonus, you would have  received it only once, but high quotes are always available there.  There is a minimum level of margin on the website. This means that players don’t have to overpay for bookmaker’s service. As a result, quotes are higher here, than in the majority of competitors. So you can always rely on a decent reward for your knowledge.
  2. A big number of markets for every match. It means that you can bet not only on popular results, but on specific ones too. There are  hundreds of markets even on the common events.
  3. High-quality live, that covers matches from all over the world.

Therefore, despite the impossibility to enter a free promo code or receive a Betss deposit bonus, there is no doubt that the game in that company can become profitable.

Sign-up and start doing bets in order to test it. If you have any questions about accumulation of points or other aspects of the work, turn to support representatives. They are ready to tell you more about the bonus account  or other aspects of the work, which are both important and significant for you.Get free Promo Code

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